Welcome to the Decatur Dyslexia Network

We provide information, resources and support for parents of kids with reading difficulties in Decatur, GA (part of metro Atlanta). We connect families, schools and resources, sharing our experiences with each other so that parents can make informed decisions about their child's education.

dyslexia [dis-lek-see-uh]
noun: an unexpected
reading difficulty

The Decatur Dyslexia Network (a.k.a. DDN) is also working to increase awareness about dyslexia and to advocate for early identification and science-based remediation for dyslexic students in Decatur schools. This website contains info and resources compiled by our member families to help teach ourselves and others about educational opportunities that can turn dyslexia's struggles into successes.

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Texas school district sets example for serving dyslexic students

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The Fort Worth, Texas school district is setting an example for public schools. They have increased funding, services and support for public school students with dyslexia. Schools are hiring dyslexia teachers and diagnosticians, including those who can identify Spanish-speaking students with dyslexia. Some students receive three or four 45-minute sessions each week with dyslexia specialists. […]

CSD Listening Session about Dyslexia Tues., Aug. 2

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CSD is holding a listening session about dyslexia!! I’m very encouraged to learn about this meeting. I plan to attend with my son and both of us will speak about his experiences. I hope you and your kids will attend and share your stories as well. Please note that this is not a forum for […]

Four Steps to Implement RTI Correctly

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For those of you educators and parents that have struggled to get a handle on the RTI process, this article in Education Week gives us input from eight different experts. The four steps: Smarter screening. Focus on core instruction. Effective intervention systems that match student need. Lastly, intervention intensity is not the same as “longer […]